Kids will get to learn about how animals say goodnight with these fun motor bedtime activities for kids that can be done right in your bed!

Do you have a little one who tries to avoid bedtime at all costs? You might just be able to hook him in with these great animal-themed bedtime activities for kids!

-A bed

Some animals have pretty interesting ways of sleeping – standing up, upside down, even side by side! Let your child pretend to be each of the following animals:

Rabbit – Where does a rabbit sleep? In a rabbit hole, of course! Let your child crouch or sit on the bed and see if you can build a “rabbit hole” around him, using blankets and pillows until only his face is peeking out!

Mallard Duck – Mallard ducks like to team up, sometimes sleeping in rows to protect themselves from other animals. Sit with your child side by side on the bed and link arms – include any other family members who want to play along to make a long chain! Pretend to sway and rock in the water with arms linked and eyes closed!

Bird – Birds sleep by cozying up in their nests! Build your own birds nest by winding blankets and sheets into a circular shape with a space in the middle for your little bird to climb inside!

Otter – Otters are resourceful little creatures! They’ve figured out how to sleep in the water without floating away by wrapping themselves in kelp and seaweed! Kids will love this one – help them wrap their bodies in their sheets and blankets, pretending to float in the water!

Bat – Another funny way to go to sleep? Upside down! Bats sleep mostly during the day, hanging from their feet on tree branches or rocks! Kids will love the chance to sleep like a bat – laying on the bed with their heads and shoulders tipped upside down off the side!

Flamingo – Here’s the hardest one of all! A flamingo can sleep while standing on one leg! Have your little one try this out, standing on the floor next to his bed. Too easy? Try closing one eye, or both! Try it on a pillow for an extra balance challenge!